By ToddSaturday - May 27th, 2017Categories: News
GUESS WHAT IS HERE?! FRIK: The Complete Series!
Frik Anthology Is Here!

I’ll have this for sale at the St. Louis Comic Con in St. Charles MO on June 17-18! I need to get it in my SQUARE STORE as well, but not sure when that will happen, hopefully in the next week or two from this post. Sign up to my NEWSLETTER as I’ll announce it there first when the time comes!

ALSO if you’ve already bought the original first three volumes of the comic, either bring them to the convention or take a pic of you holding them, and I’ll give you a huge discount on this one so you aren’t paying for the same content twice! Remember this one has Volume 4 in it, which has never been printed before!


  • The entire series spanning five years and four volumes.
  • Character concept art and other sketches.
  • Did you know facts, changes from script to final, trivia, commentary, and more useless information!
  • Each copy signed by the artist.

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New Digital Art: “The Undercurrent”

By ToddWednesday - May 3rd, 2017Categories: News
“The Undercurrent”
Mixed media digital abstract
Copyright © 2017 by Todd Tevlin

Can be printed up to 36×24″, contact me for pricing!

The Undercurrent 2017 by Todd Tevlin

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Thank you Cape-Con!

By ToddSunday - April 23rd, 2017Categories: News

THANK YOU everyone at Cape-Con who stopped by my table and bought things! I really appreciate it! Here’s a couple of interesting things from the weekend…

Todd's CapeCon table

1) How many dead armadillos did I see on the highway between St. Louis and Cape Girardeau on the way there and back? The answer is 34. Yes, 34 dead armadillos. Also one boot, and countless miscellaneous corpses I couldn’t identify. Driving games are fun!

2) First time ever, I was asked to be on a panel about comics. Unfortunately, since I always do conventions by myself, I had no one to stay and watch my table while I would do it, so I had to decline. Sometimes being a solo artist at a table is a disadvantage.
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First digital mixed media abstract of 2017, “Scatterbrain”

By ToddWednesday - March 29th, 2017Categories: News

I’ve been suffering from mold allergies the last few days and couldn’t focus on anything significant, so I decided to finish this digital mixed media abstract piece I started a couple years ago but failed to finish. As always this and all of my work is available as high quality prints, CONTACT me if you are interested in buying this one. I can get this printed up to 24″x24″!

Scatterbrain by Todd Tevlin. Copyright © 2017
“Scatterbrain” by Todd Tevlin. Copyright © 2017

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The FRIK anthology has begun!

By ToddSunday - February 26th, 2017Categories: News

Good News Everyone!After many near starts spanning at least two years, I finally started working on the FRIK anthology book! This anthology will include all four volumes and will roughly be 106 pages long and perfect bound. (glued not stapled) Remember that volume four was never printed, so this will be the first time that the ending of this saga will be available to people buying this comic!

Up till this point, I was printing each volume individually with tons of bonus content. A couple of years ago it became obvious that I should just combine them into one book as it would help me in terms of (continue reading…)

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