Update On Normlings Issue #3

By ToddTuesday - February 13th, 2018Categories: News

Normlings #3 ThumbSome of you may be wondering what the delay with NORMLINGS issue #3 is, but since the start of the year, I’ve actually been working on it hard core so it’s ready to sell at the ST. LOUIS COMIC CON on JUNE 23-24th. If you haven’t been following me on social media, here’s an update on what is going on.
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Update On The New Comic

By ToddSaturday - February 10th, 2018Categories: News

New Comic ThumbI wanted to give an update on a new comic in development for those who don’t follow my updates on social media. (and you should!) A couple of months ago I announced the idea for a new comic inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, and since that time I’ve been working on concept art and scripts for the project.
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NEW Artwork: From Within Chaos

By ToddTuesday - December 26th, 2017Categories: News

Here’s my mixed media digital abstract art I teased about last week. This is the last one for 2017 and it was not what I intended to make. The original version was much more “angry at the world”, but more on that in a bit….
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NEW Artwork: Trippy Cosmic

By ToddSaturday - December 9th, 2017Categories: News

A couple months ago, two of my mixed media digital pieces was shown in a segment on the morning news promoting the art walk that was held in my community. (continue reading…)

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Another new comic?? What??

By ToddFriday - December 1st, 2017Categories: News

Creativity can be a strange thing. I haven’t been able to work on my comics for months, but sometimes my brain forces me to be creative whether I want to or not. A couple days ago it chucked a single scene in my head for a new comic, and next thing I know, I have two complete scripts written for it…
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